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Where can I stay in Lancaster and Morecambe?

There are loads of lovely places to stay in the area. Telephone the Accommodation Booking Hotline on 01524 582393 or visit

Also, within walking distance of Lancaster City Centre and The Dukes, the University of Cumbria offers comfortable and competitively priced accommodation, with 500 bedrooms available. Contact Fiona on 01524 384460 or email or log on to

Where can I eat?

The Dukes Cafe Bar offers a wide range of delicious lunches, aromatic coffees and irresistable cakes and desserts. Food is served from 12 noon until 7pm and the menu features fresh salads, chunky sandwiches, homemade soups, sharing platters and much more. Download the menu HERE.

Pizza Margherita is a lovely pizza restaurant just opposite us on Moor Lane. Tel: 01524 36333

Quite Simply Food is a few doors down from us and a fab place to grab a coffee, a deli board or to enjoy a full dinner with wine. Tel: 01524 34916

The Borough is a gorgeous pub just around the corner serving fine food and real ale. Tel: 01524 64170 


Where can I park?

There is some on street parking available around the Dukes and many car parks are within walking distance. Two short stay car parks can be found if you turn right just past the Dukes.

What time should I pick my tickets up from the Box Office?

Tickets can be collected any time after booking. If you are collecting on the day of the performance we recommend turning up at least 20 minutes before the start.

Is there a dress code?

No - whatever you feel comfortable in

Will there be an interval?

There will often be a 20 minute interval during a performance. See our foyer screens or ask an attendant for further information.

How long is the show?

Running times will appear on the foyer screens or you can ask a member of staff.

Do you accept theatre tokens?

We accept theatre tokens for theatre and cinema.

Can I bring my baby?

Babies can be brought to our annual park show for free if they’re strapped to the parent in a papoose or similar device. Pushchairs will be charged at the full concessionary rate.

Can I pre-order interval drinks?

Yes. Interval drinks can be ordered at the bar.

 Can I take my drink in? Drinks can be taken in to the Round and the Rake in a plastic glasses and bottles.

Will I be allowed in if I arrive late?

Yes. The duty manager will find an appropriate moment but you may not be able to sit in your allocated seat until after the interval.

Can we film or record the shows?

The use of camera or recording equipment is not permitted for any of our performances or screenings.

Do you provide Work Experience Opportunities?

Yes. Please email the theatre secretary, Jacqui Wilson, on

Is seating reserved?

Seating is reserved for most performances in the Round and the Rake except for cinema screenings.

Who is entitled to a concessionary priced ticket?

Concession prices apply to OAPs, people with disabilities, ES40, Income Support, full-time students, children under 16, Equity and BECTU members, Writer’s Guild members and National Campaign for the Arts members.

Can I submit a script?

The Dukes prioritises original work so we are always on the lookout for excellent new plays.  We don’t want to be prescriptive about what makes a good play; however we do have a particular interest in plays which are moving and have strong narratives, also plays which have characters from different generations, also plays which have a musicality to them (though not necessarily songs).  Often we will employ composers to write music as part of the productions we make.  Many of the plays we produce will be staged in our studio, The Round, so plays which are light on their feet and appropriate for production `in the round’ are welcome.  We do not have a literary department so, unfortunately, we are unable to give feedback to writers in their scripts.  Hard copies of scripts, with a covering letter and also, if you wish, a copy of your writing cv, should be sent to Jacqui Wilson, Theatre Secretary.

Would you be interested in taking my show?

We want to programme a wide range of excellent events – theatre, dance, music, spoken word, film and multi-media – here at the Dukes.  We’re especially interested in showcasing excellent Lancashire talent, also bringing `the best of the rest’ of national and international work to Lancaster.  We like to work closely with visiting artists and companies on finding audiences for events; if you think there are particular audiences for your work in Lancaster do let us know. We generally decide on our autumn/winter programme of work in March and April, our spring/summer programme in September and October.  If you would like us to consider your production or event, please send hard copy information to Jacqui Wilson, Theatre Secretary, or by email to

Can you programme my film suggestion?

We get many requests to screen films and always endeavour to screen what we can within reason. Where a film is on general release, we programme the best independent and mainstream film available to us. However, there are many reasons why we can’t always screen as many of the old classics as we’d like to. DVD’s are extremely easy to get hold of but in the film industry we generally face two obstacles to having every film at our disposal. Firstly, because we aim to screen our films at the highest quality we have to be sure we can find an acceptable 35mm or digital print. Secondly, even though a print of the film exists the rights to screen a film are not always available.

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